Here are some messages from the old guestbook:

Visitors name: Tom Taylor from Atlanta , May 30,2003

Comments: Thanks for the memories.I met Fats Domino in Atlanta in the 1960's at a bar "Treasure Island" on Auburn Ave. The bar is long gone. You were performing at the Royal Peacock, also long gone.Thanks for the memories.

Visitors name: Wendy Tuley  from Chesterfield, England. May 18,2003

Comments: I would just like to say my dad is the biggest fan I think Fats has got. He has got every record ever made by him and has been following Fats from the 50's.

Visitors name: Mitzi Burkett form Phoenix, Arizona   May 12, 2003

Comments: I have been a very sick woman for a while, but I have been a fan of Fats all my life, thanks to my folks. Today in my kitchen I was listening to "I'm ready" and I found myself dancing. I haven't done that in a long time. I just makes me feel good. I wish I could tell Mr.Fats Domino that. I was lucky enough to get his autograph a long time ago when he was here in concert, and I still have it. Like I said I am a sick woman and I am only 33 years old, so every time I feel good I take full advantage of it, and brag.

Visitors name: Stephanie from New York , May 09,2003

Comments: Fats Domino is more than just music to me, he is a part of my life and memories of my grandfather. My grandpa used to BLAST Fats through the house when I was a little girl. My grandfather met him a few times and has pics with him as well. I would appreciate it if anyone had information as to writing  Fats Domino a letter. I would like to let him know how his music affects me. My grandpa passed at 53 years old, seven years ago due to Mesothelioma and to this day when I hear a Fats song I break down. I just want to let him know what an impact his music has on me and had on my grandpa. I am 23 years old and would have never thought I would be writing to him. Thank you!!!

Visitors name: Bill Naird  , April 17,2003

Comments: I am a long time Fats Fan. My first LP was a Fats release. I am currently collecting the blie label Imperial 45's. This is turning out to be more dificult than I thought.

Visitors name: Bert Williams from Dundee, Scotland, April 13, 2003

I first heard Fats way back in 1955 singing "Ain't that a shame". I have been a loyal fan ever since. Fats was there right at the start of it all. Keep on rocking Fats, we all love you.

Visitors name: Steven Harwood from Enid, Oklahoma , March 25,2003

Comments: Being a pianist, I quickly fell under the spell of the Fat man when I was at least 3 or 4. First time I heard that 6/8 piano on "Walkng to New Orleans", I thought that was just about the best thing I'd ever heard. He opened the door to New Orleans music for me. Through Fats I discovered Toussaint, Fess', Booker, and all the other great pianists. He is truly one of America's most treasured musicians, and one of my biggest influences. Long Live Fats the Great!

Visitors name: Denise from New Orleans, March 21, 2003

Comments: I am 36 made 36 on the 25th of Feb 2003. I wish I shared his birthday missed it by one day! I love his music my mom introduced me to it as a kid. I remember when I would say "Oh that is not fair!" (to whatever the situation) her response was "Ain't that a shame!" LOL!

Visitors name: Eddie Ramirez from Port Arthur, Texas, March 13,2003

Comments: I'm 34 years of age and wish that I was around in the 1950's to this great performer in action. Thank you for what you have done for being a part of music history.

Visitors name: Angie , March 10, 2003

Comments: It is great to find this site about Fats Domino. He is one of the artists who will make the music of the 50's and 60's era unforgettable.

Visitors name: Simon Park from Oxford, England , March 07, 2003

Comments: I've been a devout fan for 40 years. Best wishes to Fats at 75.

Visitors name: Hans Wagter from Belgium, February 28,2003

Comments: Very nice work these pages. Fats deserves it!! I've met "The King of the Big Beat" in N.O., something me and my family never will forget. I collect Fats' EP's, who can help me, so long.

Visitors name: J.F.Julian from South Eastern PA, February 25,2003

Comments: I have been a fan of Fats Domino since the early 50"s . His music is the greatest and has always made me feel good even when the times were not the best. I met fats back in the mid 80's and will always remember that meeting. A nicer man I don't  think you will find in business. Anyway happy birthday on the 26th to the one and only fats Domino. May the good Lord bless and keep him.

Visitors name: Robert P.Millian from Weston, MA, USA, February 22, 2003

I have been a fan of Fats since I heard his first recording of the "Fat man" back in 1949. Wow!, had the same kind as beat as Albert Ammons but with vocal. He told me he always admired Albert Ammons style of boogie woogie. I will never forget my stay with him for 5 days at his house. It was a unbelieveable experience. Such a good natured person with a heart of gold. I love the guy and hope his health holds up. His music will live forever.

Visitors name: Gary L. Gramse from Lompoc, CA , February 18, 2003

Comments: I enjoyed your website on Fats Domino

Visitors name: Gary Herpin from Lafayette, Louisiana , February 16, 2003

Comments: Been a fan of Mr.Domino since the 60's. Happy birthday Fats on Feb 26th. Hope to see him open the jazz fess this year, went to high school with two of his sons and nephews. Fats is the greatest, a true livin legend.

Visitors name: Amber Cunningham from Jacksonville, FL , January 30, 2003

Comments: Hi I really like your site. I love to see that people really love Antoine "Fats" Domino. He is my uncle through blood. I am only 15 years old and every year that we do a family project in school, I LOVE to include information about my uncle. He's related through me on my Papa' s side. He's actually my great-great-uncle which makes him my great-grandfather's uncle. When we go back to N'awlins to visit all of my family, we plan to visit my uncle and take a lot of pictures so that I can use them on future projects. My family really loves his music. His music gives you a great feeling when listening to it. I feel great knowing that he' s my blood relative. Keep up the great work on your site.

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