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Original Studio Recordings from 1965 - LP's, Singles & CD's


On the a-side:

I left my heart in San Francisco

On the b-side:

I Done got over


From the Mercury sessions Released in 1965 on Mercury 72463 RCK45VG


On the a-side:

What's that you got

On the b-side:

It's never too late

From the Mercury sessions Released in 1965 on Mercury 72485

LP Southland U.S.A.

lp cover southland

Mercury 21065 (mono) and Mercury 61065 (stereo). Never released.

  1. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  2. Alabamy sound
  3. Deep in the heart of Texas
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Way down yonder in New Orleans
  6. Basin Street Blues
  7. St.Louis Blues
  8. Cotton Fields
  9. What's that you got
  10. It's never too late
  11. Don't play with my heart
  12. I had the blues for New Orleans

Recorded in November 1965, produced by Dave Bartholomew and directed by Shelby Singleton. The album was advertised in Billboard magazine mid January 1966,  but was never released (only a few promotional copies). Mercury were premature in promoting it.

LP Fats Is Back


The LP "Fats is back" was released in August 1968 on Reprise 6304; and later in Great Britain in July 1970 on Valiant VS 107 and in Holland on Midi MID 24006 in 1971, also in the Benelux (Belgium,Holland and Luxemburg) on Midi MID 4006 in 1974.


This cover for "Fats is back" was rejected

  1. My old friend (Zompa/DeCaesar)
  2. I'm ready (rerecorded) (Robichaux/King/Durand)
  3. So swell when you're well (James Booker)
  4. Wait till it happens to you (Domino/Bartholomew) 2'37"
  5. I know (written by Barbara George,her original version was a hit in 1961 )
  6. Lady Madonna (Lennon/McCartney)
  7. Honest papas love their mamas better (Zompa/DeCaesar)
  8. Make me belong to you (Chip Taylor/Billy Vera)
  9. One for the highway  (Domino)
  10. Lovely Rita (Lennon/McCartney)
  11. One more song for you (Zompa/DeCaesar)

An excellent album produced by Richard Perry and arranger Randy Newman, on piano the late great pianist James Booker, drummer Earl Palmer, bassist Chuck Rainey and saxophonist King Curtis.

There were 5 singles released in the USA from the 'Fats is back' session. On June 1, 1968: a-side: Honest papas love their mamas better (Reprise RS 20696) (in 1968 7 weeks in the Dutch charts, highest position no.13) b-side:One for the highway

a-side: Lady Madonna (Reprise RS 20763) (in 1968 it touched for 2 weeks the Billboard Hot 100,stayed only on no.100) b-side: One for the highway 

a-side: Lovely Rita (Reprise RS 0775) (in 1968 7 weeks in the Dutch charts, highest position no. 18) b-side: Wait till it happens to you.

On January 22 1969: a-side: Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey (Lennon/McCartney) (Reprise RS 20810/ RS 810) b-side: So swell when you' re well.

On February 4 1970: a-side: Have you seen my baby (Randy Newman) (Reprise R 0891) b-side: Make me belong to you and on August 19 1970 was released the a-side: New Orleans ain't the same (Reprise R 0944) and b-side: Sweet Patootie (Fred Smith)

Two special single releases only in Holland : Reprise R 3295 in 1968, on the a-side 'Lady Madonna' and on the b-side 'I Know'.


The other single was released in 1970, on the a-side "Another Mule' and on the b-side "When You're Smiling' (Reprise RS 3506)



LP Fats

hoes_lp_fatsPhoto: Ed Trasher

The songs for the LP "Fats" were recorded in the period 1967 till 1969 and was released in February 1971 on Reprise RS 6439, in Holland in 1974 on Midi MID 24019 (called "Fats Domino Vol.2.")

  1. I'm going to cross that river
  2. Big mouth
  3. It's a sin to tell a lie (Bill Mayhew)
  4. Wait till it happens to you (slower gospel-like version) 2'32"
  5. I'm going to help a friend
  6. The lady in black
  7. Another mule (Domino)
  8. When you're smiling (Fisher/Goodwin/Shay)
  9. These old shoes
  10. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price)
  11. Work my way up steady

All titles are written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew, except track no. 3, 7, 8 and 10.

Produced by Dave Bartholomew on Broadmoor, a small independent from N.O, he released 2 singles, Work my way up steady/The Lady in black (Broadmoor 104, released November 1, 1967) and  Big mouth/Wait till it happens to you (Broadmoor 105, released February 1, 1968)

Song no.8 is a rerecording of the song on the LP Let's dance with Mr. Domino (1963).

LP Sleeping On The Job

hoes_sleepingonthejobThe European Cover

LP "Sleeping on the job" recorded in 1978 in the SeaSaint Studio, producer Fats Domino; released in Europe on the Antagon label, ALP 3215,there's also a blue and a pictured edition (for Europe) ; Sonet SNTF 793 (for the U.K., released in May 1979); in the Holland and Belgium on Killroy 19910 in 1979 and Fats released the album on his own label F.D.Records WB 1200A in the USA in 1980, called "Fats Domino 1980" with two extra songs "If I get rich" and "My old time used to be".

hoes2_sleepingonthejobThe American Cover


  1. Sleeping on the job (Domino/Boskent)
  2. After hours/When I lost my baby (I almost lost my mind) (Parrish/Hunter)
  3. Something about you baby (Domino/R.Hall)
  4. Move with the groove (Domino)
  5. Any old time (J.Rodgers)
  6. Shame on you (Domino/R.Hall
  7. I just can't get New Orleans off my mind (Domino)
  8. The girl I love (new version)(Domino/Bartholomew)
  9. Love me (Domino/R.Hall)


Musicians: vocal & piano Fats Domino; electric organ Reggie Hall; tenor sax Lee Allen; guitar Roy Montrell and Ronald Johnson; electric bass Tony Broussard and Roy Montrell; drums Joe "Smokey" Johnson and Herman Ernest III. One 7 inch single was released: a-side "Sleeping on the job" 3'20", 0n the b-side "After hours",3'21" on Antagon AS 0105 527 in Germany (1981), on Sonet 2168 in the UK (1978).





Single Whiskey Heaven


The soundtrack of the film "Any which way you can" was released in 1980 on Warner Brothers  HS 3499 (USA) and Warner Brothers WB 56884 (Holland,Belgium) and Warner Brothers WE 351 (Germany).

The single Whiskey heaven, recorded in the studio, was released the same year. On the b-side "Beers to you" by the Texas Opera Company.

Fats performed in 1980 as bar-singer in a film with Clint Eastwood and Clyde, the orangutan, "Anywhich way you can".


CD Whiskey Heaven(The Reprise Story)


The tracks are: My old friend / I'm ready (2nd version) / So swell when you 're well / Wait till it happens to you / I know / Lady Madonna / Honest papas love their mamas better / Make me belong to you / One for the highway / Lovely Rita / One more song for you / Whiskey heaven / I'm going to cross that river / Big mouth / It's a sin to tell a lie / Wait till it happens to you (alt. version) / I'm going to help a friend / The Lady in black / Another mule / When you 're smiling / These old shoes / Lawdy miss Clawdy / Work my way up steady / New Orleans ain' t the same / Sweet Patootie / Have you seen my baby / Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey / My toot toot

The Japanese CD" Whiskey Heaven (The Reprise Story)"(HS6304 /1993) includes some tracks not found on the Reprise LP's , so were the titles "New Orleans ain't the same" and "Sweet patootie" released as a single by Reprise in 1970 (Reprise R 0944).  "Have you seen my baby" was a-side of a single, on the b-side "Make me belong to you" (from the Fats is Back session).

Single My Toot Toot


The single "My toot toot" was released in 1985 on the Magnum force label MFS-004. That song was made popular by other performers, as Sidney Simien, and Denise Lasalle, but this duet with Doug Kershaw is also very nice. On the b-side "Diggy liggy lo" not by Fats, but Doug & Rusty Kershaw.

The same song but with different lyrics was released as "Don't mess with My Popeye's / My Toot Toot",as a commercial for Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen.

Released in 1985 on the Magnum force label MFS-004 , also on Toot Toot 001



Released in 1985 on Toot Toot 002.

CD Christmas Is A Special Day

also released as Christmas Gumbo



  1. Christmas is a special day (Domino)
  2. I told Santa Claus (Domino)
  3. Jingle bells (arr. Wardel Kazen)
  4. I'll be home for Christmas (Kent/Gannon/Ram)
  5. Silver bells (Livingston/Evans)
  6. Frosty the snowman (Nelson/Rollins)
  7. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (Marks)
  8. Blue Christmas (Hayes/Johnson)
  9. Silent night (arr.)
  10. White Christmas (arr.)
  11. Please come home for Christmas (Brown/Redd)
  12. Amazing graze (trad.)

Arrangements: Wardel Kazen. Two singles were released, in 1994: Christmas is a special day / Please come home for Christmas (The Right Stuff S7-18216) and in 1997: Frosty the snowman / Every heart is home at Christmas (The Right Stuff S7-19768)

The CD"Christmas is a special day", released in 1993 on label The Right Stuff  T2-27753 / EMI  7243 8 27753 2 4. Produced by himself.

The musicians are: Fats - vocal and piano, electric piano-Leo Williams, guitar -Clarence Brown, Ernst Fontenot, Joseph Johnson- drums, Stacy Cole, Carl Boulin, Elliot Callier, Herbert Hardesty, Anadee Castanel, Frederic Kemp-horns, Ervin Charles-bass.

CD Sweet Patootie

The Complete Reprise Recordings



There are 29 tracks.Track 1 up to and including track 11 are the songs from the LP Fats is back. Track 12 and 13 are Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey (Lennon/McCartney) and Have You Seen My Baby (Randy Newman), earlier released as A-sides of singles. Track 14 and 15 are Sweet Patootie (Fred Smith) and New Orleans ain't the same, earlier released as a single on Reprise R 0944. Track 16 is Can't Chase A Dream Forever (previously unissued), also is track 17: Blues So Bad.

Track 18 up to and including track 28 are the songs from the LP Fats.

Track 29 is Help Me (previously unissued). From the Fats sessions (1970).

Released in 2004 on Rhino Handmade 7880 (RHM2 7880)

CD Alive and Kickin'



  1. Alive and Kickin' (Domino / R.Pauly)
  2. Love You Till The Day I Die (Domino/ R.Pauly)
  3. I'll Be All Right (Domino)
  4. I Spent All My Money Loving You (Bobby Charles)
  5. Give Me Some (Domino)
  6. One Step At The Time (Domino)
  7. Home USA (Domino)
  8. Every Night About This Time (Domino / Bartholomew)
  9. Four Leaf Clover (Domino)
  10. It Makes No Difference Now (Floyd Tillman)
  11. This Is My Story (Domino)
  12. You Made A Vow (Domino)
  13. Ain't That A Shame 2000 (Domino / Bartholomew)

track 1 was recorded in 2006.

tracks 8,10 and 13 recorded in 1982,

track 4 recorded in 1999, when Bobby Charles recorded the same song, in my opinion the best track of this CD. The other songs were recorded in 2000.

Released in 2006 by The Fats Domino Publishing Company. Producer: Fats Domino. The musicians are: Fats Domino-vocals, piano, Herbert Hardesty-tenor sax, Fred Kemp-tenor sax, Roger Lewis-baritone sax, Jerry Embree-alt sax, soprano sax solo on "Love"you till the day you die". Jon Smith-tenor sax, Marshall Cyr-trumpet, Carl Leblanc-guitar, Sonny Landreth-slide guitar solo on "I spent all my money loving you". Erving Charles-bass, David Hyde-bass, Raymond Weber-drums, Brian Brignac-drums, Roger Pauly-keyboards.

This CD was released to benefit The Tipitina's Foundation.

CD Fats Domino'65-What's That You Got?


The Studio Tracks on this CD are:

  1. I Left My Heart In San Fransisco
  2. I Done Got Over
  3. What's That You Got
  4. It's Never Too Late
  5. Don't Play With My Heart
  6. I Got The Blues So Bad For New Orleans
  7. I Left My Heart In San Fransisco (alt. version)

Tracks 8 up to and including track 30 are live recordings from the Las Vegas concert in June 1965. More info on my "Live recordings" page.


Released in 2006 on Mardi Gras MG-3807.

CD Give Me Some! Rare And Unreleased


  1. Ain't That A Shame
  2. There you go
  3. Three Fools
  4. Three Fools (undubbed)
  5. It Makes No Difference Now
  6. Had My Fun
  7. Get Your Business
  8. Every Night About This Time
  9. Matter Of Time
  10. I Love You
  11. Alive and Kickin'(alt.version)
  12. Four Leaf Clover (alt.version)
  13. Give Me Some (alt.version)
  14. Give Me Some (2nd alt.version)
  15. This Is My Story
  16. Whiskey Heaven
  17. My Toot-Toot
  18. Don't Mess With My Popeye's
  19. Who Cares (alt.version)
  20. All By Myself (live version)


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Released in 2006 on Mardi Gras MG-8310.

Tracks 1-9 are from the Washington session in 1982

Tracks 10-15 from the 2000 session

Track 16 recorded in 1980

Track 17 and 18 in 1985

Track 19 from the Paramount session in 1963

Track 20 from Live at Montreux in 1973 (prev.unissued)